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Once Upon a Time When I was a Psychology Major

Lastly, taking Psychology of Women changed some of my opinions and behaviors. When I was a Psychology major I had heard a lot of great about Dr. Hughes’s Psychology of Women class and decided to take it for elective credit. I got much more than I expected out of the class. Writing about my personal experiences and applying them to the readings we did in class made me realize that I could be very critical of myself which had lead to my low self-esteem. I did not realize hard I could be on myself until I did an exercise for a week that Dr. Hughes assigned which required the class to take the time to listen to the negative inner thoughts about ourselves. After the discussions and readings we would have for class, I would find myself examining and reflecting on what I can do to manage to improve my weaknesses. My self-esteem had prohibited me from taking advantage of opportunities because I feared failure, and had thoughts that I was not good or qualified enough for opportunities that were presented to me. This exercise of being mindful motivated me to change my behavior and build my self-confidence. While completing a weekly self-reflection assignment I wondered where all this doubt was coming from. While I was writing it came to me that I developed self-esteem issues during my primary schooling because of bullying. It was hard for me to admit this because I feel embarrassed that I let others control the way I feel about myself, but I let go of this embarrassment during a lecture on self-esteem. Dr. Hughes revealed that exclusion can bring up a lot of pain for people because it can make them feel a loss of belonging. This lecture comforted me and made me feel like I was not alone. I have utilized a lot of the tools and skills I learned in this class to enhance my well-being. This class was very therapeutic and personal for me. The things I learned in that class have changed my behavior and attitude and have lead to a better understanding of my past and current experiences.  Now in my personal life, I now am more confident in my career aspirations in becoming a Social Worker and I do not let self-doubt get in my way.

All in all, although I ended up not majoring in Psychology this course taught me how to identify my values, interests, and abilities which creating awareness about mental health and enhancing well-being of others. Naturally, this course taught me how to analyze human behavior and social relation.

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